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We can supply and fit drinking water faucets (with or without filters); these can be a separate tap on your kitchen worktop or you can have a new 3-way mixer tap incorporating a filtered drinking water outlet.

We fit Combimate limescale reducers - these prevent build-up of limescale and corrosion in your pipework and on your appliances, and the water is perfectly safe to drink since no salt is involved and all the natural minerals are left in the water. They are cheaper and easier to fit than full water softeners.

​Visit the Combimate website, where you can read about limescale reducers.


We're agents for Harvey Water Softeners; these are among the best softeners on the market and the easiest to refill because they use compact blocks of salt instead of heavy bags of tablets. ​Water softeners give all the benefits of limescale reducers PLUS your hair and skin feel great, reduced cleaning bills, longer lasting appliances, and the biggie - no scum or water marks on shower doors or shiny surfaces!

​Take a look at the Harvey website, where you can read about the benefits of softened water.

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