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We specialise in central heating system upgrades and repairs.

We can service your gas boiler, repair it when it goes wrong, and replace it when it's worn out. If your boiler has an old-fashioned pilot light or sounds like a boiling kettle as it heats up then it's time for a new one. We are accredited installers for Ideal, Vaillant and Glowworm boilers, Adey Magnaclean filters and Honeywell Evohome heating controls.

We can design and install a complete new system for you, using the correct tools to calculate the size of the boiler and the radiators - did you know that over-sizing a boiler is just as bad as under-sizing it? Some people will over-specify a new boiler "just in case", but new boilers work at their maximum efficiency when they're working hard, not just ticking over. You'd be surprised at how efficient the new generation of boilers can be!

If your hot water cylinder isn't giving as much hot water as it used to then it's probably scaled up and may be about to spring a leak. Replacing it will mean you get more hot water and it heats up faster too! Or why not switch to a mains pressure system, with all its benefits?


Fitting a new programmer and thermostat can make drastic savings to your fuel bills. Some old programmers leave the hot water heating up all day long(!) while others will heat the hot water whenever the radiators are on - these are both very inefficient. The new generation of programmers give you completely independant control of hot water and heating, meaning you're not wasting energy by heating water when you don't need it. In addition, new controls and thermostats can be wireless - making them very easy to fit, with no wires and cables disturbing the decor around your house. Most systems can also be controlled while you're away from home via a smartphone app - see Honeywell Evohome and Nest for more information. We're accredited installers for Honeywell and Nest controls.

We also fit Hive and Tado smart thermostats. Confused? This review explains the basics.

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All boiler manufacturers require that the heating system is flushed and cleansed when fitting a new boiler, and it is especially recommended when replacing a cast-iron boiler. Failure to do this can invalidate the manufacturer's warranty. We offer a full flushing and cleansing service, using the Adey Magnacleanse system - visit the Adey website for a full explanation of the benefits of powerflushing.

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