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Mains pressure water heating is the fastest growing sector of the UK market. Providing mains water pressure supply directly to the hot water storage cylinder for faster filling baths, invigorating powerful showers and with a balanced supply to taps and sinks, these highly efficient systems provide outstanding and unparalleled levels of hot water performance, comfort and energy-saving.

No more tiresome airlocks. No more noisy and expensive shower pumps - hot water from a mains pressure system is virtually silent.


Mains pressure systems are the norm in Europe, and are becoming more popular in the UK, where many housebuilders specify them rather than a cumbersome loft tank and hot water cylinder. When you have an mains pressure system the cold water tank in your loft is no longer necessary. Apparently the idea of storing 50 gallons of cold water in your loft goes back to the war years, when the mains supply could be disrupted at any time. Time to move into the 21st Century!


There are two types of mains pressure cylinder - the unvented cylinder and the thermal store.

The unvented cylinder gives slightly better performance and is cheaper, but requires a safety vent pipe going to outside the dwelling; whereas the thermal store give good performance and is more expensive, but doesn't require a safety vent pipe and can therefore be located anywhere in the dwelling. 

Either type of cylinder can often replace your existing hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard or can be installed in the loft, freeing up the airing cupboard for other uses.


We are accredited installers for Heatrae Sadia Megaflo unvented cylinders and Elson Coral Aquanox thermal stores.


We also install boiling water taps by InsinkErator and Quooker (no more kettles!), and Heatrae Sadia instantaneous electric handwash units (ideal for shops and washrooms)

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